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What have you seen so far this season?

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I got to see the Swan Lake by the POB, and since nothing has been really new, I choose to attend Kirov Performances, and I wasn't disapointed. I saw their new "historical" version of the Bayadere, and well I liked it. It is less spectacular that you may expect ( I think to the destroying of the temple) and a little kitsch, but it's still an enjoyable event. Should I tell more or do I need to the Kirov Area ?

I would like the POB invite some dancers from abroad for a little more variety. They got some russians the last year and the public seemed to appreciate them, as far I remember.

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Bienvenue, cygneblanc!

There are a lot of forums on the site, it's true. Most of the reason for this is for ease in finding a discussion much later - when six months passes, it's easier to look for a performance of the Kirov that was in Paris or London or Rio de Janeiro in the Kirov forum.

Please go right ahead and post on the Kirov performances or anything else you've seen. You can post in the company's forum (POB, Kirov, et al.) and there are forums for "Other American" and "Other International" companies. If you aren't sure where to put something, try "Recent Performances" or just post in your best guess. One of the moderating elves (erm, that's usually me!) will move it to the right place if a post goes astray.

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I don't see Zakharova live in Swan Lake but I saw her in Bayadere, and was really surprised by this dancer whom I heard too many bad things. She doesn't abuse of six'o clock in this part and I love really her interpretation of Nikya, she must dance at the end of this month Paquita with POB, she never dances the complete part from Lacotte, and the Grand pas variation is not the traditionnal etoile variation but the variation of the fourth dancer with "grands jetés". I'm very interested by this debuts in this part, and I find it more interesting to see her in a ballet she never danced before with Kirov than in traditionnal repertory ballet. I will prefer than it was company dancer as Nolwenn Daniel or Fanny Fiat who dance the leading part of Paquita, but it could be interesting to judge Zakharova qualities on a ballet she never danced before and with a French style !

It was the next season but how we speak about the 2002 year, I must say I don't like at all Vishneva as Kitri, she makes of this part a vulgar and common character. And I dislike her style in this ballet except perhaps in Dulcinea part, where she doesn't smile. I found she smiled too many and was always too playing with her fan.

To answer to this topic, for me, my hearts belongs not to daddy but to Lock's creation for POB called Andreauria, it was a wonderful short piece, with some of the best dancer of the company for the girls we have MA Gillot who should be etoile (but direction seems to prefer dancers as technical Pujol or Osta), Stéphanie Romberg who became première danseuse, Fanny Fiat (who should be première danseuse but seems to be in the same case than MA Gillot, not loved by direction), Dorothée Gilbert (the most promising girl of the company) Clairemarie Osta and Caroline Bance. For the men it was Karl Paquette, Yann Bridard, Stéphane Bullion who became sujet, Martin Chaix and Jean-Philippe Dury. Even if the music was minimalist the choreography was really interesting, with this speedy movement on slow tempo.

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I saw Elisabeth Maurin and Benjamin Pech. It was a deliberate choice. This year I want to see Elisabeth Maurin as much I can because she is scheduled to retire at the end of the season and I enjoy her dance very much. It was said she had been losting her technical skills. I have to admit that, of course, it's right.

She was just so so..but the fouettes were correct though .(Alexandra should I try to translate ? I think in English, ballet terms are in french ? ) , But what an interpretation ! She just is the character she's playing, she's appropriating it so well !

Well, for B.Pech, he was very good in the 3 &4 parts, but not in the 1&2 ones! I was under the impression he was sleeping (compared to parts 3&4 ) ;) . I think he was technically flawless, but that was all !

The napolitan dance with M.Kudo and E.Thibault was good, as well the pas de trois (E.ABbagnato, N.Daniel, J.Belinguard) but I wonder if N. Daniel was a good match with the two others ?

Overall, I enjoyed the performance, but there was nothing really new, a good traditional performance from the POB!

Alexandra, yes, I heard about the Nuereyev's choregraphy, but I liked it. I have to say that I'm not aware enough of the others" ones!

And no, I didn't get the chance to see Zakhravova, but I heard a lot of good things about her, especially her arms!

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Thank you, Françoise and cygneblanc, for these reviews -- it is nice to be able to at least get a glimpse of what's going on there!

Françoise, from what I've read in reviews, Zakharova was not her usual self in Paris -- more restrained, much less extreme. Perhaps Marc Haegeman would comment?

cygneblanc, using French terms is fine -- most of our readers know them and if they don't, they can look them up :( But when we write in English, we use the French terms.

Thanks again!

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To my mind Svetlana Zakharova showed indeed another side of herself when she danced with the Paris Opera. Her performances at the Bastille (her “Bayadère” especially, her “Swan Lake” in a somewhat lesser degree) looked quite different from what we’re used of her when she’s dancing with the Mariinsky. Within a classical context it’s still (too) extreme, but at least we were spared of those cold and often arrogant exhibitionist displays that sadly seem to have become her Kirov trademark. Personally I really warmed for her Nikiya, even if she never even came close to the greatest interpreters of this role, mainly because her Shade remained just too sweetly decorative.

Her Odette-Odile was generally fine as well, but not outstanding and it still has me wondering where all the international attention and acclaim comes from. For both roles Zakharova had a good partner in Jean-Guilllaume Bart. Interesting to note that the Paris Opera initially wanted to invite Uliana Lopatkina - if ever there was a different ballerina :(.

Diana Vishneva on the other hand remained her usual self when she danced Kitri in Paris. It all went down as a flashy, unsubtle technical number, while her mechanical delivery of the steps and lack of grandeur in the Vision Scene only emphasized her limitations as a stylist. Laëtitia Pujol was for my money much, much preferable.

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It's sure that Laetitia Pujol was more good as Kitri than Diana Vishneva, personnaly I didn't like Laetitia when I saw her, it was her nomination night and she makes too many mistakes for her high technical level, and not act too many.

For me the revelation of this serial was Marie-Agnès Gillot who was a true Kitri as I loved her. Since Monique Loudières, I never had seen a so good Kitri, high technical level, just play, musicality and all what needed the Character.

For Paquita, Zakharova will again have as partner Jean-Guillaume Bart, she must theorically dance 30 january and 1st february, I don't know against which are the other dancer as Inigo and in pas de trois.

I heard the same thing than you about Zakharova, she was not as she is at usual and it's for that I was really surprised when I saw her for the first time, waiting for the "worst" and really enjoyed her composition.

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Well Alexandra, for somone who had made a point of seeing all the ballets this season, I haven't exactly been faring very sucessfully. Managed (only) to see Casanova, Kylain/Lock and most recently both girls Sylvia and Paquita. Nijinski (opening tonight) will be another miss as I am off for NY tomorrow morning to see as much as I can of NYCB's Winter season... Must dash :)

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