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Eifman's Giselle Rouge

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is coming to Paris for a few days at the end of the month. I understand it is a ballet based on Olga Spessivtseva's life but I still do not know what to expect. I will probably go out of curiosity (and to be able to vote on the Forsythe/Eifman poll :) ). For those interested, it will be on at the Mogador which is a theatre near the Opéra, there are a couple of dates in Feb. aswell.

Further details on :


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Hi, Vila -- we will await your review with interest :) This ballet did come to New York, and as I remember it, we had strongly divided opinions: In this corner, those who thought that it was a masterwork and Eifman the greatest choreographer of the day; and in that corner, those who thought the ballet was preposterous, tasteless, and pop! I don't know anyone who's in the middle on Eifman. Outside of New York, though, his company generally gets good reviews. It will be very interesting to see what Paris makes of him!

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ooh, that much a contreversial character ? Am definetly booking a ticket then, straight away ! I did catch a bit of the New Year's concert in Vienna on tv (all romantic capes and hair blowing in the wind) and I'm afraid there is a little part of me might revel in high melodrama...

Will report and thank you very much for your warm welcome Alexandra.

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You're welcome :) I remember your posts -- I hope I'm right! -- on the French dancrers in Copenhagen, and we'd hoped to hear more from you. The majority of our posters are American, but this doesn't mean we're only interested in ballet in American -- mais non! We want to hear about ballet everywhere, so please tell us about your travels, as well as what you see in Paris. Regarding this particular ballet, I'd be very interested in hearing your impressions of the audience and the reaction to the ballet, as well as what you think of it -- yes, Eifman is very controversial :)

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In the same month we get Bejart's piece about Mother Theresa, with Marcia Haydee.

Hmm. Sounds like a good opportunity to have a scientific study of the physiological reactions of balletgoers exposed within a very brief time frame to major works based upon the lives of historical figures by Eifman and Béjart.

vila, I think we all revel a little in high melodrama! If you love it or hate it, please report back. Looking forward to reading what you think.

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Although it does seem, to me at least, at first glance that the idea of a ballet about Mother Theresa sounds as though it were dreamt up by a group of balletomanes stranded in an airport for too long, I'd go to see this one. Bejart is nothing if not a man of the theater, and I'd be interested to see what he'd do with it. I'd also like to get a few views of Eifman from Europe, and I hope we do.

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Vila, I have only seen 'Red Giselle' and 'Russian Hamlet'.

The first drew me in instantly and I stayed enthralled the whole evening. I would see 'Red Giselle' again.

As for 'Russian Hamlet', I was again drawn in only to become bored after the first ten minutes. Except for my fascination with the velvet Romanov Eagle chair, the boredom never ceased, and I couldn't wait for the ballet to end.

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Oh we are going to get out share of Béjart too, ;) here in Paris but only in April, at the Palais des Congrès. http://bejart.ch/fr/actu/home_tour.htm

2 ballets : Presbytère a.k.a. Ballet for Life (music by Queen and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/costumes by Gianni Versace (my heart balances between :eek: & :) )

and The Enchanted flute (Mozart left on his own this time around)!

When was the last time the company visited the States ? They don't seem to tour much out of Europe (even London seems a rarity), save Japan... or am I wrong ?

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I just remebered that Béjart is also at the Opéra Bastille this season (May & June)

with L'Oiseau de feu (Firebird)

Création mondiale (a new piece yet untitled)

Webern, opus V

Le Mandarin merveilleux (oh gees, how does this one that translate ? probably not "the marvellous man from China"


but we are really running off topic here I suppose...

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I think we usually translate it "The Miraculous Mandarin." Did you like them? I saw the Firebird, along with a piece he did for Jean Babille when Babille was in his 50s (which I liked very much.) I don't remember much about the Firebird -- it was the first year or two that I was going to ballet and it was very different from what I was used to. But I didn't hate it :)

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"The Miraculous Mandarin." does certainly sound better, I do agree! :) , thank you for helping me with that one !!!

I have never seen any of his ballets that are programmed for further on this season, but have been to his Sissi, (which I much delighted in : choreography, setting, costumes and...sylvie guillem ) several of his Boleros, Tek, seen bits of his Hamlet and some others - can't recall titles at this point -... oh yes, and the Concours, of course (that murder mystery ballet) which I discovered last year (it has aged quite badly, appealing in a sort of quaint manner, but not enough to see it again! didn't care for all those caricatures/stereotypes i.e. the japanese memeber of the jury, the american etc...., seemed to keep the audience amused though. I do like him more subtle !

Oh, and Alexandra, I am afraid I will be laptopless during my trip


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