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Jan Lee Ping

Guest bonzooi

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Guest bonzooi


A couple of weeks ago i was in china.

I saw there on the tv a special around a famous chinese artist/ballet/ control dancer named Jan Lee Ping

Does anyone know if or where i can buy some cd or video or what else from her..????

like to hear from you.

Greetings from the Netherlands :-)



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doesn't she do those amazing balances (on point) on the head/shoulders/arms of a body-builder-like man? I think she recently did a performance in Japan and it was broadcast on tv. I'm afraid I didn't videotape it, but I'm sure somebody must have taped it...It was pretty fantastic.

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Guest bonzooi

Hello Terry,

this is exactly what i man. I saw this on television, not in japan but in china.

but the is a "control" dancer with faboulus music.

if some has any info...

please react!



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This past weekend I caught a Chinese variety show on channel 63 (NYC Metro area) that included an amazing dance segment. The ballerina was balancing on her partner's head, on pointe, in arabesque. She then did a prominade in this position. (I have never seen anyone do this on the floor - an unsupported, slow prominade on pointe.) Needless to say, I was astounded.

Could this have been Jan Lee Ping? The entire program was in Chinese and the TV listings had no description. I would like to know more about this dancer. Anyone have any leads? Is there more than one dancer who has such balance?



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Guest ducklingdance

i'm not sure if i'm talking about the same person. i just watched tv. there was a dance acrobatic show from Dalian(a place in china). there's a lady who can do like what you said. balancing on her partner's head and even shoulder. the ending pose was she balance on pointe in arsbesque and a young girl blancing on her head with hands while doing split all on top of the guy's head. isn't it amazing?

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I remember seeing in a magasine a photo of a chinese dancer doing a développé in front at 180° and bending backwards at a festival in Monte-Carlo, but I can't remember if the name was there.I'll have to check later, I don't have much time now. There's also going to be a special show at the Paris Opera next year with various artists from China, and the Photo on the ad for it is of a dancer doing an arabesque on her partner's shoulder. I don't know if the two photos are from the same dancer and if any is the one you're talking about. I'll have a look later.


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