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Joffrey Ballet All Diaghilev Program

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The Joffery Ballet is coming to the Detroit Opera House in May 2003

and is performing Les Noces,Parade,and Le Sacre de Printemps.I have volunteered to organize some dance talks,to better the general public

interest and hopefully ticket sales,so i am looking for past reviews

in dance magazines and opinions of balletmanics who have seen

Diaghilev works by the Joffery.I understand that Alexandera's magazine

carried a review,along with Dance Magazine,of Joffery works at the

Kennedy center,about three years ago durning,a Balanchine celibration.


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I wrote the review for Dance Magazine. I don't remember what issue it was in, though, but if you go to your library, Dance Magazine has an index, and you will be able to find it.

DanceView, the magazine which I publish, did not carry a review.

You should be able to find reviews in the Washington Post and Washington Times. I don't remember if any other publications carried reviews.


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