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Two wonderful discoveries

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I am 42-year-old male with some background in drama but not in dance. For the past two years, possibly the greatest artistic discovery of my life has been opening my eyes to ballet. The movie "Billy Elliot" demonstrated some of the freedom and fire in dance...but my real conversion came when I saw Carolina Ballet's "Messiah." (Robert Weiss, Director). Wow. In a world full of words, noise, and chatter, it was great to discover an art form with no spoken words. I am now at every performance I can possibly attend.

The second great discovery is this website. Thanks so much for providing a place to discuss ballet. I don't know where else I could go to express these thoughts to such an appreciative audience.

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Yes, welcome Pas and congratulations on discovering Ballet Alert! You might like to check out this part of the forum "2002 Looking Back" http://www.balletalert.com/forum/forumdisp...?s=&forumid=101

If you scroll down the page, you'll come to "The art of discovery or how you found yourself here" http://www.balletalert.com/forum/showthrea...s=&postid=68830 - perhaps you'll find it interesting to see how others ended up on these fine shores...and share your own discovery with us? :(

Looking forward to hearing more about Carolina Ballet, too! :D

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Carolina Ballet (Raleigh, NC)

Founded: about 4 years ago with help of current Artistic Director Robert Weiss

New pieces created to date: 21, including 5 full-length ballets


2002-2003 Programs


"Stravinsky's Clowns"

"Nutcracker" (finished Dec. 29)

"Ballet Plus!" (Feb.--Includes 8 performances of ballet to piano; Timour Bourtasenkov will choreograph one piece)

"Messiah" (April. Fantastic! The company took this production to Hungary last year and received great reviews. It's unique, majestic, uplifting, and very human.)

"The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson" (May 29-June 1; Damian Woetzel, principal dancer with the NYC Ballet, will choreograph "The Nightingale.")

I will be happy to answer any questions about this young ballet company. They are a joy to experience.


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