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What would you choose?

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Hmm...well, I'm seeing ABT at Lincoln Center, and they aren't doing Giselle or A Midsummer's Night Dream there. They are doing Ashton's The Dream though. La Fille Mal Gardee has caught my interest...but what cast to see? There are three...

Xiomara Reyes and Angel Corella

Gillian Murphy and Ethan Stiefel

Nina Ananiashvili and Maxim Berlotserkovsky

Choices, choices...:)

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I was very disappointed to see the programming for ABT's Spring '03 season. I was especially disheartened to see how often the wonderful Angel Corella is dancing with a particular soloist whom I find quite annoying. I am disappointed that some of my younger pets do not seem to be getting the opportunities I want for them, and that some partnerships I would like to see are not paired. I look at this spring as an opportunity to have more free time and more pocket money than I usually do that time of year.

On the bright side, though, like Petite, I am looking forward to seeing Cojocaru's Nikiya, as I am Wiles' Gamzatti. Oh, but I wish Michele were doing Odette/Odile with Marcelo!

I don't understand why no one consults me to help plan the season!;)

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