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Selznick for a day: YOU cast "Gone With the Wind, the Ballet"

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Here is the ultimate cast:

SCARLET - Sylvie Guillem...gorgeous minx who, I'm sure, will know how to get her Rhett

RHETT - Konstantin Zaklinsky...picture him with a mustache wink.gif! Remember, in the novel, Rhett was quite a bit older than Scarlet

MELANIE - sweet Yvonne Borree (Darcey Bussell would be a second choice but she's too tall to be ideal as 'meek-and-mild')

ASHLEY - Charles Askegaard...no question about it!

MAMMY - Mark Morris in drag AND blackface.

....and in a cameo role....

AUNT PITTIPAT - Natalia Dudinskaya (currently in Boston, rehearsing Bayadere...so I'm sure she can swing down to Atlanta for this!)

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My tastes are sometimes eclectic, but I would cast.......

SCARLET- Tanaquil LeClerq

RHETT - Edward Villella (on stilts)

MELANIE - Eleanor D'Antuono

ASHLEY - Erik Bruhn

SCARLET'S WHINEY SISTER (remember, Scarlet married HER boyfriend)- Gelsey Kirkland

MAMMY - Lynn Seymour (think of her in "Dancers")

PRISSY - Heather Watts

BELLE WATLING - Gloria Govrin and Karen Von Aroldigen will share the honors!

MR. O'HARA - Baryishnikov (an OLD Baryshnikov!)

MRS. O'HARA - Melissa Hayden

I don't know who would compose the score, I would have my hands full just keeping this cast together!! biggrin.gif

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Why don't imagine a cast by POB dancer

Scarlett: Aurélie Dupont or the première danseuse : Marie-Agnès Gillot

Rhett : Kader Belarbi or Laurent Hilaire

Ashley : Manuel Legris or Jean-Guillaume Bart

Mélanie : Elisabeth Maurin is not a good choice she seems for me like Bette Davis. I will see more Delphine Moussin.

I don't know very well foreigner dancer to may an international cast.

I think unless Belarbi could be a perfect Rhett Butler, he must make a coreogragy about Wuthering Heights for POB the next year.

I don't know if he must dance in but I saw completely him as Heatcliff.

New temptation of casting ????

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I think Agnes is more the India Wilkes type, but Victoria knows her much better. Francesca Corkle would make a great Belle Watling, or should it be Nora Kaye dancing the role of Belle? Maybe they could alternate.

Having had the good fortune to see Victoria dance on stage, sur la pointe, wearing a similar dress to Scarlett's green barbecue dress, I adore the idea of Victoria as Scarlett.

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