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Paris Opera Ballet

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Hello everybody

I am looking for information about a ballerina called Rita Ferreira but i do not seem to find any!

I wonder if someone can help me out...

Rita Ferreira was a ballerina who, in 1988, went to the POB in order to have ballet lessons. Since then I do not know what has happened to her!

Thanks in advance El

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I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone here knows -- I think you posted this awhile ago and there were no responses.

There is a French language forum on Critical Dance -- www.criticaldance.com -- with quite a few Paris posters and someone there may know. Or you might try the newsgroup alt.arts.ballet (It's a newsgroup that you should be able to access through your browser. If not, go to www.google.com and search for alt.arts.ballet.)

Good luck! Of course, we'll leave the post up here and hope that someone who knows RF will see it.

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Hello again

i did write some months ago Alexandra (i am impressed that someone remembers) but it came to no use....so i decided to try again! maybe this second time I get lucky

Thanks for your replies Alexandra and Rei dos Reis Ratões


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Hello Alexandra and... God Rat(lol)

Well, i tried to search for the ballerina on Google like you both had adviced but (if i went to the right post) i do not think it is her! unfortunatly...

It has been very difficult to trace! I do not know what to in order to find some information about Rita Ferreira!

But maybe someday I will find the ballerina, i just have to keep trying I guess...

Thanks for your concern


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