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Christmas Wish List for Ballet

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If you could pin a wish lift/gift list to the chimney Christmas Eve, what would it be? It could be that you wlil see your favorite ballet danced by your favorite dancer, or that your favorite company would do this or that, or anything.

Remembering the A.A. Milne poem about King John (who was not a good man) and his long Christmas gift list which remained unfulfilled until he whittled it down to what he really wanted, he got it, I will say, "Oh, Father Christmas, if you love me at all, please send me a ...


I wish that in 2003 there will be at least one new ballet. New. Something exciting, something that I'd actually like to see again, many times, that stands up to different casts. Not a retread, or a faux classic. Or modern/contemporary/Broadway/tap/flamenco extravaganza. (Not that we don't need them too, but this is a Ballet Alert wish list). Just a new ballet.

What's your gift list?

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My wish-list will be a new Romantic era style classical ballet. I wonder why haven't any company has come up with a new ballet in the style of Swan Lake or Gislle? I I belive that most audiances want to see ballerinas in tutus and new classical ballet or/and dramatic ballet would help the artform of ballet.

P.S. Los Angeles City Ballet company will fit very nicely on the wish-list also. I wish, I wish. :)

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