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Best Nutcracker Headlines

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Today's NYTimes is a doozy -- A Rodent Infestation That Soothes the Soul. What's your best Nutracker Headline -- real or imagined?

I'll offer three, from early Washington DanceViews:

Girl Kills Mouse, Tree Grows

The Eternal Fascination of Nutcracker

Sugar Plum Fairy Rums Amok, Clones Self on Area Stages

and finally, the simple:

Sugar Blues

(We used to do Nutcracker roundups -- every company in the DC area that does Nuts, and let me tell you there is one within six blocks of your house, no matter where you live.)

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That was not a title, but I remember an amusing quote by Clement Crisp saying something like "The Nutcracker is like the flu, it comes back every winter and there is not much one can do except waiting until it is over"...

Wasn't is Buckle who wrote something like "One Nutcracker nearer to death"?

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