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Attention Holiday Shoppers

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I have just ordered all my holiday gifts through Amazon, by clicking at the link at the top. THus Ballet Talk received a "pittance" of my holiday spending. If you order more than once, you must re-enter the site by clicking here each time.( They do not give you any kind of notification that you have entered through Ballet Talk.) Thus you can support this site as you shop. You can buy newspaper and magazine subscriptions, by the way, which make excellent presents. They e-mail your recipient about your gift. There is also "free super saver shipping" which you can still use today (Dec. 10) for Christmas shopping. I bought myself Alexandra's book as my own present! Go to it, Ballet Talkers. (Another excellent gift would be a subscription to Dance View and or Ballet Alert. )By the way, Amazon has a nice collection of dance DVDs! To say nothing of all those CDs of your favorite scores. Have at it, kiddos! Merry, Happy, etc. xxxNanatchka

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