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Kennedy Center Casting

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Medora, the press office won't have the casting until some time next month. They'll send it to me then, and I'll post it as soon as I get it -- promise! Thanks for asking :)

Also, for those who've wondered about how the company is going to perform Romeo and Juliet in the Concert Hall (where there is no orchestra pit) I asked that, too. The orchestra will be behind the dancers. The conductor will probably have a video view of the dancers (this has been done elsewhere successfully). They're building a special, sprung floor.

For those who've asked about sight lines, because the Concert Hall is not raked, the stage is raised. I've reviewed dance performances here -- the Black Watch, for one -- and I could see feet with no problem. Now, I'm tall. If you're under 5'3 or so, you might want to bring a cushion.

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Here you go, Medora, and other ABT fans. This is what we have so far of casting for ABT's run of Romeo and Juliets.

A caveat: as always, this casting is subject to change.

The roles listed are: Juliet, Romeo, Mercutio. An * indicates a debut.

Tuesday, Feb. 18: Ferri, Bocca, DeLuz

Wed., Feb 19: Reyes*, Corella, H. Cornejo

Thurs. Feb 20: Kent, Bocca, DeLuz

Fri. Feb 21: Herrera, Gomes, H. Cornejo

Sat mat, Feb 22: Dvorovenko*, Belotserkovsky*, Lopez*

Sat eve, Feb 22: NO PERFORMANCE

Sun mat, Feb 23: Tuttle, Carreno, Salstein*

Sun eve. Feb 23: Reyes, Corella, H. Cornejo

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I wondered that, too -- I might amend that to [no casting listed]. The cast sheet doesn't have it. It could be omitted inadvertently, or there could have been a concert already scheduled in the Concert Hall? Usually, ballet companies only do seven performances a week now, because of the orchestra contract.

p.s. I just checked the Kennedy Center web site and it lists ABT at 1:30 only. It doesn't list anything else in the Concert Hall that day. Rather than continue to speculate, I'll ask the press office and post when I know :)

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This question problably doesn't belong here, but I have a question about seating. If I am not sitting near the center but I am pretty close to the front, will I still be able to see the entire stage? Also who would be better to see? Julie Kent or Alessandra Ferri, or does it really matter? This is going to be my first live ballet. :)

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I don't know what Kennedy Center seating is like, but personally i don't like to sit near the stage toward the side. Actually, for dance I don't generally like be too near the stage period. I don't really feel like I get a good perspective, and depending on the set up, it can be really hard to see the feet.

As far as the Kent vs. Ferri thing, I'm not a dance expert at all and I haven't seen Julie Kent in R&J, but I have seen Ferri in it, and I think it's really one of her signature roles, and I think it is very worth it to see her dance it with Julio Bocca. It's a really beautiful partnership. I'm lucky enough to live only a few blocks from Lincoln Center so a lot of the time I go to ABT at the Met just whenever I have time, whatever is on and whoever is cast. That's one of the combinations of piece and cast that I really tell people I think is worth making a point to see.

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Ferri is lovely, too, but I have to say that having seen Julie Kent as Juliet I am afraid to ever go see it again. (Fortunately, most people don't have this reaction after enjoying a perfomance!) There was the simplest gesture of the hand she made in the balcony scene -- nothing to it at all, and yet incredibly eloquent, one I will never forget. Medora, I think the answer to your question is probably that you can't go wrong. Wow, your first live ballet! Have a wonderful time...

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I was no fan of Julie's before I first saw her Juliet, had made efforts to avoid her performances, in fact. I was a huge fan of her Romeo, Robert Hill, though, and it was a package deal. I had heard great things about Julie as Juliet (maybe it's a name thing?) from people I trust, but remained dubious.

Wow! Have to go with BalletMama. Julie is indeed a great Juliet.

As she has matured, she has lost the rough edges that had bothered me, and she has many good roles, but I think Juliet remains her best.

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Wow. Both dancers seem so great. I am going to stick with Julie, even though I saw Alessandra Ferri and Julio Bocca do it on tape, and absolutely loved it. I just hope I can see Alessandra Ferri dance before she retires. I am really looking forward to this.

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I hope you enjoy the performance. We saw Ferri, Bocca and DeLuz last night. After spending nearly the entire day trying to dig out our minivan, and forging our way up the unplowed streets of our neighborhood, we made it. And it was all worth it. Ferri and Bocca were like a dream together. You could feel their passion from way back in the audience! Ferri is like a feather! Bocca lifts and carries her as if she were another arm, or leg. They seem to be part of each other even when they are accross the stage from each other.

I have seen Julie Kent once before, and, since I bought our tickets weeks ago, couldn't choose the cast. When I found out who we were seeing I had no clue how great they would be. I wish I could afford to see it again, I'd love to see Kent or Herrera, or Tuttle, or Carreno, or Correla . With ABT I don't think you can go wrong!

Please let us know how you liked the performance:D

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