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The Nutcracker -- Is it a seasonal "must see"?

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'Tis the season -- will you see the Nutcracker this year?

If so, which one and why?

The Boston Ballet does not include the Nutcracker in its subscription season, and I do not attend. One year I heard about a big bear being featured, sponsored by Filene's (and said bear was of course available at the department store). At that point, I decided it was commercial entertainment, and that I could miss it.

I will, however, see two different student productions. I do love it when the Nutcracker is an opportunity for students to really get out and dance for an audience.

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I think Nutcracker for many people, especially families, has become a tradition.

I think most companies leave it off of subscriptions. For the very reason that it's a "first time" ballet for many, there's lots of kids in the audience and many subscribers would rather pay to see a program.

I only go once now, between hearing the music in Macy's and everything else going on in the holidays (and the ticket price) I live vicariously through the reviews here!

While there are many commercial tie ins, for most companies, it provides a hefty boost to their bottom line. Now, if NYCB's giant tree starts rolling out and has logos on it, I might protest, but so far, it hasn't happened, yet.

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I have to see Nutcracker at least, well, four or five times. Or six. I never get enough of that tree. And the Snowflakes.

As far as cost, well, standing-room at NYCB for "off-peak" performances is $5, and "peak," $10, and if one is resourceful, one seldom has to stand, at least for the second act.

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Oh, my, yes, I'll see it. Six or eight times! Opening night, closing matinee, when the in-laws are in town, one trip with daughter to see The Other Cast, and any other performances I feel like dropping in on (but only Act I). Thank goodness parents of the children's cast can get $10 rush tickets.

I'm really not a horrible ballet mom :) But if it's convenient to go, I do. By next year the kid will likely be too tall, so I'm relishing her moment on the big stage while I can. After this, we'll be down to one visit per year, and that for the kids' sake -- I've really had enough Nutcracker to last for quite a while!

Gosh, I just reread what I wrote. I do like to watch the rest of the ballet, too!

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As I have not been blessed with issue, Nutcracker for me is not a must-see but a see-if-I-feel-like-it. (My feelings may be colored by the fact that my local Nutcracker is the Christensen and not the Balanchine.) There are some years when I feel that the score has been engraved on my eardrums and I just can't bring myself to fork over money to hear it again......

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I usually see 2 or 3 (maybe more) professional Nutcrackers. I like to go to the productions of our local regional companies too, to see how the kids are coming along. So my total could be 5 or 6. I like to compare the different versions and I do like to take a friend along.

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The last time I saw an "entire" Nutcracker was about 7 years ago! Having just recently left the Company I worked for, I will go see the whole thing this year - can't wait, really. My daughter has not seen it at all (with the exception of the bits and pieces she saw while waiting in the wings) since she was 5 - we've just gone out and purchased her a lovely "gown" to wear. So for us, for THIS season, it IS a "must see".


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This will be the eighth year of Nutcrakers for our family. It's become a wonderful tradition ever since my son first stepped on stage as a party boy. When I wasn't volunteering back stage I was working in the boutique where they allowed you to grab a free seat as long as you worked during the intermissions. I sold many a Nutckracker during those years! Happy Days, this is the first time we've gotten 4 free tickets because my son is a company member now! Don't have to worry if I'm sitting in someone's seat this year! For us it looks like it will be 4 performances plus 1 Nutty one! Certainly the best part of our holidays.

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