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NYCB to PA Ballet dancers


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Don't worry about it Amanda, I'm the same way, it took me a long time to stop checking the NYCB posts first. That's why this board is great, it affords us the opportunity to read about everyone!

I'm hoping to catch PAB's Nutcracker, hopefully I get to see Lorenzo, but alas, no casting (now I'm NYCB/ABT spoiled in that department!)

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Thank you Tessa for the news. It is a shame that casting isn't listed. I've been to paballet.org and it is a most annoying site - no casting and everything needs a thousand extra plug-ins.

I'm happy that Lorenzo resumed her career. PA Ballet should be a good company for her. It is smaller than NYCB and she should be able to get the roles she deserves. Plus the rep. is a nice blend of classics, Balanchine and newer items. And the Nutcracker is the Balanchine version. I remember seeing Lorenzo in Coffee...I'm sure the men in the audience were very happy!

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