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The Moscow Ballet

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There is a company touring the Nutcracker all over the U.S. (something like 52 cities in 60 days!) right now, going by the name of "The Moscow Ballet". Their website is www.nutcracker.com

I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this organization and what quality of dance I might expect, if I go? They claim to be "The best dancers on the planet", and are really playing up the Russian angle in their advertising. Anyone know anything?

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I saw the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker a few years ago and have tickets to go again this December. They use local students and give a very lovely, traditional production. I was really impressed at how the students they used blended into the production so that I could not tell where the students left off and the professionals began. I had a relative in the last production I saw, and I know children who will be in this year's. No tricks or weird concepts -- a very enjoyable evening.

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