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Naughty and Nice?

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Ushering the holiday season - has there ever been a dancer you thought was going to get coal in her (or his) stocking, and that's what you liked about her?

The "bad girl"/"good girl" dichotomy is pretty entwined in ballet's history as much as western society's - we've got Taglioni and Elssler and then Salle and Camargo from even earlier.

When I was dancing, Merrill Ashley was a classic "good girl" and Heather Watts a "bad girl" although those two were usually not thought of in tandem - the dancing dichotomy was usually Ashley/Farrell. I think Farrell eludes typing that way, though.

"Good girl" and "bad girl" is as loaded a concept in ballet as in society, of course - a woman is sometimes a "bad girl" because she has a mind, or a body, of her own.

Are there dancers of either sex that you think of as "good" or "bad"? Do you like them for it, or not?

You better watch out. . .

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