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New article by Arlene Croce in The New Yorker


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The article is about Degas' first ballet painting: "Portrait de Mlle E. F....;a propos du Ballet La Source" Apparently, the dancer Eugenie Fiocre was his inspiration to start painting dancers. To quote from the article:

"Currently it can be seen at the Detroit Institute of Arts until January 12 and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Feb. 12 to May 11. As the cornerstone of a major show, the work that forcast the artist's lifelong obsession with the ballet, 'Mlle. Fiocre' becomes an object of curiosity all over again."

The article is accompanied by a reproduction of the painting which is necessary because Croce goes into much of the symbolism and also the history of the ballet 'La Source'.

Croce says:

"In ballet history, 'La Source' is the story of Saint-Leon and Grantzow; in art history it is the story of Degas and Fiocre."

It's the Dec. 2 issue of the New Yorker and well worth reading. (Also, as a bonus there is a profile of John Kerry of Massachusetts by Joe Klein---sounds hopeful!)

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