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Silliness: So what do people DO in those ballet villages?

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but if we're in a ballet with a royal court, then it wouldn't be so unlikely to have visitors from other kingdoms and if they're royal visitors, then maybe they've brought a retinue, and any retinue worth its salt should have a few dancers, right? maybe bringing dancers for entertainment is the royal-ballet-guest-guide's equivalent of bringing a bottle of champagne to a party?

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I thought the Hungarians were wandering Gypsies, who roam from ballet to ballet stomping and twirling their hair. I once suggested a Soceity for the Prevention of Gypsies in Ballet, which I think is badly needed, especially in ABT's Don Quixote. Does anyone remember ABT's The Red Shoes--I think that had the most absurd gypsy dance I ever saw.

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Hello, Iluv_ballet, welcome to Ballet Alert Online!

This forum is for the discussion of what the village people do in the ballets that are filled with peasant and village people smile.gif What we do here on Ballet Talk is discuss Ballet! There are lots of different forums, including several for students which are listed under Special Groups. I would suggest that you start by reading some of the topics, become familiar with how we work here, and then post to the topics which interest you.

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