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Music You'd Like to See as a Dance

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It's huge music, isn't it Fendrock?

For what it's worth - here's the genesis of the second version. The first time around, I thought I had caught the sweep of the music, but missed some of its strangeness. My entry into the music is its denouement, that weird subject that enters at the end with almost no thematic warning. In 1999, I started with that point in mind and built to it; in '95 I felt like I never got there. Amusingly enough, although the first work had three couples and the second three women, there are actually the same number of people in both casts. ;) In '98 I had such hell with the male dancers I worked with that I decided in '99 to make a dance where the male partners in it were invisible. :( They gave us less trouble.

If you're curious to read more about this dance, go to "A Choreographer's Diary" on this site. The first 8-10 days describe the creation of this work.

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Hmm- this might be my fault by mentioning I had worked to the Suk, so apologies.

Just about very piece of music has been used already by someone, somewhere. About the only way to use a piece of music first is to commission it.

So if you would like to see a piece of music as a ballet, go ahead and mention it. Someone else will probably tell you of a ballet they saw to it, and that's OK, too, but it doesn't mean that's the ballet you wanted to see to that music!

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Here's something a bit wild but truely I'd love to see a huge chorus with the dance telling a story to something like Honneger's King David.I've seen Carmina Burana with chorus and it stuck in my mind.For me the melding of ballet and a choir is joy!

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Hmmm... I wouldn't know where to begin, I come across so many pieces and find myself thinking "Now this would really be something..." If only I could choreograph. ;) (Guess I'll get round to that after I've learned to play the piano, and compose music too.)

How about Smetana's "Ma Vlast" (Moldau) for starters? Maybe someone's done it already, in which case I'd love to see it.


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Holst's Planets was used by David Bintley for the Royal Ballet about 10 or 12 years ago. It was an utter turkey!

I went to the first night and the curtain was delayed for nearly an hour because of problems with the elaborate set. It was one of the hottest nights of the year, the audience grew restless and the management made the magnanimous gesture of a free drink at the bar - unusual in itself at Covent Garden.

It really was terrible. I don't remember it too well but seem to recall the dancers skipping around a giant apple at one point. Only the dancing of the lovely Bryony Brind in one of the sections, proved a redeeming feature.

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