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Drigos "Awakening of Flora" question

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I was asking about the Drigo ballet "The Magic Flute" in an earlier thread that was included on a box set that I got called "Fete du ballet"......also in the set is parts of Drigos ballet "The Awakening of Flora" that I beleive he did with Petipa. Ive become quite fascinated with obscure old ballets recently and this one is anoter that I have not heard much of. there is a CD called "Homage a la Pavlova" that also includes a number from the ballet...Drigos score is probably one of the most beautiful peices Ive ever heard. To think he is dismissed by people as a bad copmposer is a crime!! I was just wondering if anyone knew some details about this ballet, and if any of it has survived in performance.

BTW - are there any ballets by Drigo that have survived besides Halequinade or corsaire pas etc?

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"Reveil de Flore" isn't about in whole form anywhere that I know of, but what's about is selections which are plugged into various divertissements like the "Paquita" grand pas glosses that are good soloist showcases.

And Drigo isn't reviled as a bad composer. He's acknowledged as a competent composer of light music like salon music. He's in with composers like Cecile Chaminade and Eric Coates - they have their audiences too.

Of other Drigos, all we can do is hope that the aggressive actions of the Mariinsky in regularizing the cataloguing of their archival assets reveals more. I feel that there is probably much more there.

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Thanks BTW....you always know alot and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge! Yes I do hope the Kirov assembles up all of thier surviving Petipa repretiore one day. It would be nice if they had a gala of some sort with nothing but the surviving peices from those days. Drigo always reminded me Chopin.....their music is so decorative and melodious you wonder where they got all those ideas for all of thier brilliant melodies!

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The music for Cranko's Onegin is a mix of lesser known Tchaikovsky works rather than the opera music. I recognized several pieces from The Seasons (overture, Olga and Lensky pdd, Lensky's Act II solo, etc.), but I was wondering where the rest of the ballet score comes from? The program (for the recent NBoC performances) didn't give any information about the music, except that it was composed by Tchaikovsky. Any info would be much appreciated!

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No insights here. I was just wondering whether many Ballet Talkers are familiar with the Tchaikovsky opera "Evgeny (Eugene) Onegin." I never saw the ballet "Onegin" live, just the video of the National Ballet of Canada performing it, with Sabina Allemann (sigh!) as Tatiana. I have to admit, I was initially disappointed to learn that music from the opera wasn't used, as my favorite Tchaikovsky waltz is from the opera.

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Marc, I need some explanation on DVD technology - I am not very well acquainted with it, since I still do not have a DVD player

How would you use the music available in DVD (such as the "Paquita") to be played on a CD player? Would I need to make a copy from the DVD tape, or is it the same DVD tape which is inserted in the CD player?

Sorry for the question



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I am aware which one you are discussing- are they with the slave girls (referring to the PBS 1999 ABT version)? If so, I am not sure where to get a copy, maybe amazon.com or borders.com? I also believe there is a post discussing the music, too, so it may discuss where to get one. There is a website I came across while searching for a classical piece and it has many classical recordings. The website is iclassics.com. I hope that was at least a little helpful.

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Guest Kathleen

I have a recording of the full length La Bayadere that it is missing a short section of music in the 1st Act, Scene 3 when Nikiya is dancing at the betrothal of Gamzetti and Solor. It is the fast section that happens after she has received the basket but before she is bitten by the snake. In two Video recordings of this ballet the music is present but not on my CD (the label is DECCA and performed by the English Chamber Orchestra, Richard Bonynge).

I have searched for other versions of music and have only come up with 2nd Act music. I have even listened to other ballets by Minkus (Don Q, Paquita, La Source) thinking that it may have beeen lifted from another ballet.

Does anyone have any knowledge of where this section of music originated or if there are any other recordings of 1st Act La Bayadere other than the one I mentioned? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


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there is only one recording of BAYADERE comlete(?) that i'm aware of, i.e. the one you have.

this 'rousing' coda to nikiya's dance in 'the death of the bayadere' scene has been retained by stagers of the 'restored' BAYADERE for the Maryinsky in 2002, making one suspect that these individuals feel the dance and it's music to be part of the 'original' (or at the least the 1900 petipa-supervised) version of the ballet. (something tells me that somewhere around the time of this staging mention was made of this music and its dance, but i can't now say for sure if i rem. correctly.)

the bonynge recording o'course is for makarova's staging of the ballet, in her 1980 reworking of what she knew from the kirov. until a full russian recording comes on the market i fear the only way to hear this music is on the video recordings made of the kirov's production (or any others that include this music and dance - if mem. serves vinogradov's version for the Korean Universal Ballet uses it, and it might be available on a Universal Ballet tape.)

perhaps others here know more about the date and origin of the music. i don't know if it came into the production for the 1900 revival or earlier.

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