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Re: Ruining Pointe Shoes

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Originally posted by Mel Johnson

For the greatest pointe shoe fiddler I can think of, there was Anna Pavlova, who would get her shoes 100 pair at a time from her shoemaker, a certain Sgr. Nicolini!  She would storm around backstage, wailing that not ONE shoe was even usable.  Then she'd calm down, and decide that well, maybe half of the shoes had some possibilities.  She'd then set to work, ripping a shank out of a "hopeless" shoe and replacing it with another from a different pair, and stitching here and there, then beating the behoozis out of the boxes with a hammer, so they were nice and soft.  Then she'd darn over the platforms of the shoes, to enhance traction, and provide a bit of external cushioning.  By the time she was done, she had mixed and matched bits and pieces from the entire shipment, and had a few odds and ends left over, but she had 200 pointe shoes!

Reminds me of what I do to computers.

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Then there is the ruining pointe shoes by accident...such as forgetting that the dance bag is not under the umbrella and its pouring rain...and I mean pouring. The end result being very wet unusable pointe shoes! :( Or putting your wet bathing suit from swimming in PE in the bag with the pointe shoes and finding soaking wet pointe shoes. :( We aren't quite sure which is the culprit but the end result was a new pair of shoes down the "drain"! :mad:

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