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Dance Companies In France! Urgent!

Guest Gigi1

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Sorry to reply late (I had missed that thread), but the list mentioned by svemaus also includes quite a lot of modern dance companies which have very little to do with ballet.

I think the list of companies hiring ballet-trained dancers would include:

-Paris Opera Ballet (but it's almost impossible to get there if you don't come from the POB school)

-Ballet National de Bordeaux

-Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse

-Ballets de Monte-Carlo (in Monaco)

-Ballet National de Marseille

-Ballet du Rhin (but their repertory includes more and more modern dance)

-Centre Chorégraphique National de Nancy et de Lorraine (same remark as the Ballet du Rhin)

-Ballet de l'Opéra de Nice

-Ballet Biarritz

And that's about all.

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I'm beginning to look at study abroad programs in France, and I'm wondering what opportunities to keep studying dance a bit while I'm there look like. Do any of you know if there are any decent schools in Aix-en-Provence where American students could arrange to study for a semester? What about Nantes? (I'm at a high intermediate level.) My choice will probably be between programs in those two cities or perhaps Paris, but I'm not sure how I'd do with big city living. Thank you so much for your help. :)

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Hi Hjete,

I live in France, but unfortunately I'm not very knowledgeable about dance schools...

Nantes is a bigger city that Aix-en-Provence so perhaps the choice will be larger, but I'm not sure.

I've found thos URL about ttwo dance schools in Aix, but know nothing about it:



There also is a Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse in Aix:


and one in Nantes:


I've never been to Nantes and have only visited Aix briefly, but both cities are said to be pleasant to live in, both with a large population of students and an active cultural life. The climates differ quite a lot (more mediterranean in Aix, sunnier and quite hot in summer), but I think both places would be a good choice. May I ask in which school/ university you'd plan to study ?

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Thank you for those links. It looks like there is at least the opportunity for me to dance in either city, and the two Aix schools both look quite good. I'm not sure which French university I'll take classes at, but the Aix program that is approved by my university is AUCP (American University Center of Provence) and the Nantes one is IES (International Education of Students). (Paris is through Sweet Briar University.) I believe that in all three places students take classes both through the program and at a French University. I'm in the very early stages of learning about this, but I'm hoping to go second semester of next year. Any other advice? (Maybe PM me if so because I guess we're getting off the topic of ballet.) Thanks again! :)

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From Aix en Provence you can easily go to Marseille where there are some very good schools, for example the Studio Collette Armand. They producted some vety good dancers.

Here is their website


As Estelle said, Aix is a very nice city as well Nantes, but if you don't like a rainy weather, you have to go to Aix. Paris is also a very nice city. One of my american came once a semester, then for one year, and finally she visits Paris each year now.

Please feel free to P/ ot e-mail me if you want more informations :(

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I agree about the weather (on the other hand, if you don't like hot summers, you'd rather go to Nantes ;) ) But I'd add one thing about Marseille and Aix: yes they are not far from each other, and Marseille is much bigger than Aix. But the trip is short only when one has a car (and when there are no traffic jams), because the trains and buses are not especially great... Well, it also depends on how much time you have.

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