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second hand bookshops in Manhattan

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Hello, I am going to be spending some time in Manhattan beginning December and was wondering if anybody could let be know about some good second hand bookshops with larger sections devoted to ballet in the area. Would love to browse through some out of print material or just buy some of the books not that easy to get hold of Europe (idem for video tapes etc).

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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You're about 12 years too late for convenient one area used book browsing. I used to spend days off wandering through about a dozen small and wonderful used book stores in the general area Mel mentions. (I lived at 2nd & 5th) They were run by all different kinds of people, some young , some ancient. Some were tiny, some were pretty big (the shops, I mean; although there was a tiny shop run but a big fat man). All were like Alladin's caves with treasures to be found if you looked hard enough.

With the "gentrification" of that area and the tripling of rents, they all went out of business by the end of the 80's. It was one of the saddest aspects of life below 23rd St to watch one's favorite shops, restaurants and theatres turned into GAPs and Starbucks.

Hopefully some enterprising book sellers have kept the idea of a small book store alive. You're just going to be walking a lot more than I did!

And there is still the gargantuan Strand (Bwy & 11?) and Barnes & Noble and Borders. You'll still have plenty to look at. I would also check the phone book. There are some specialty book dealers selling out of their lofts and apartments.

Enjoy the city!


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For ballet videos/books/magazines you should visit the Ballet Boutique. I think it's on Broadway just across from the Lincoln Centre. It's not second hand, but they have lots of stuff. The Sansha boutique also has a pretty nice selection of videos, stationary, and dancewear (more than the capezio stores I've visited). Finally, the NYCB gift shop in the New York State Theatre had a lot of excellent and hard to find books related to ballet the last time I was there (June). It's only open during performances though. Have a great in NYC!

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The ballet shop near Lincoln Center is closed now. The Barnes & Noble near Lincoln Center has a few more dance books than the average branch. And I like Sansha -- they carry the pretty Kirov note cards and calendar. The nearby Tower Records has a decent section of ballet videos and dvds in the Classical section.

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gotham book mart is indeed still on w.47th street between 5th and 6th avenues. (tho' the building is in the process of being sold so the shop will move when a reasonable, alternative location is found.)

the frances you refer to was the shop's famous overseer, Miss Steloff, as in Frances Steloff. she has died but not that long ago and was i believe over a hundred. a director whose name i don't recall made a little documentary about Miss Steloff's life with books (and cats), etc., which was shown on a new york public television station a few years ago.

the store still maintains a dance section,near its music section, but its holdings mostly specialize in fiction and literary subjects.

it remains also a mecca for edward gorey readers and fans, as it was long connected with gorey and his work, which continues to be one of the shop's most extensive concentrations.

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Instead of spending all your time going from NYC book shop to bookshop,do what i like to do when visiting the big apple.I go to the NYC public library performing arts collection,located at Lincoln center,and just browse the 1000's of dance books in the collection.The NYCPL has more great dance books than 100 NYC books shops,plus they have a great collection of Dance Journals and Magazines.The staff at the NYCPL will allow almost all of their Journals and Magazines to be photocopyed so you can copy any articals you like.As for the Dance Books you would like to have,write down the title page information

author/publisher/book title and just search for the desired book on www.used.addall.com this internet book site has it search engine hooked into all the major used book sale internet sites.You will have much greater success of finding great dance/ballet books than visiting 10 NYC used book store with mostly a limited number of dance books.A dance person can get lost at the NYCPL dance collection and never want to leave,the collection of dance books is wonderful, magnificent, amazing,the people of NY should be prasied for this book collection.

Kevin from Detroit,wishing i was a New Yorker

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