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Why are Kirov men weak?


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A good few critics claimed that Kirov men are not as outstanding as the women. I wonder if they are also considered weaker than the male in other companies.

Strange that Igor Zelensky was once claimed 'probably best of the world'.

Currently the young male principals, like Kolb, Fadeyev, Korsuntsev, are in the forefront. I think they're good, they're elegant, they have wonderful techniques, etc. But if I compare them with more mature dancers, like Hilaire, Cope, Merru, Bolle, it must be something that the Kirov young principals have less.

Could this be because of their age?

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I feel the same way about many of the wunderkinds currently so popular -- not only with the Kirov. Some companies emphasize maturity and others don't, I think. I'm not sure it's just a factor of age. I also find the Parisian men -- and the Bolshoi men -- more mature. However old they are, they dance as adults.

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I find when the focus is on a male technique versus a male danseur, then the men tend to look weak or less adult. A danseur finds himself as the prince first, a partner second and a technician third. Often in today's environment the order becomes a technician first and second, a vain prince third and partnering becomes a chore to get to the technical solo bits.

This is a overgenrealization, but when you speak of the dancers above who you consider adults, do you first think of their technique or their presence/partnering?

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