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I saw it twice, both times with almost the same cast - Larissa Ponomarenko as Tatiana, Pollyana Ribeiro as Olga, Gael Lambiotte as Onegin, and Alexander Ritter as Lensky. Only significant difference was that we had Viktor Plotnikov as Gremin one night, and Robert Moore in that role another night.

We were a little disappointed not seeing different casts, but the cast we saw, especially Ponomarenko, was so good we couldn't feel very sorry about it. Larissa was wonderful! She was so effective expressing the range of emotions and growing maturity the role calls for. She and Lambiotte were impressive in all their pas. Her pas with Gremin was so effective both nights we saw that several of us felt sorry to see him standing to the side during the curtain calls!

The corps was in fine shape, and wonderful in their diagonal jetes across the stage.

The first evening we saw it (not opening night) we were sorry to see so many empty seats in the theater (the Wang is huge though). The good reviews must have had an effect because the audience was noticably larger the next week we saw it.

Several people saw other casts and said they were also terrific. All in all I think this was a success for the company and the people lucky enough to see it. I hope we don't have to wait too many years to see it again here.

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I saw last Friday's performance, which was absolutely lovely! Adriana Suarez as Tatiana gave a gorgeously detailed, dramatic performance, and Simon Ball was a dashing Onegin. Adriana is a refreshingly mature dancer and stage actress, and I was surprised by how charming and youthful she was as young Tatiana. Simon was so effective initially portraying Onegin as a bored callous jerk, that I had some difficulty understanding why Tatiana would ever fall for him and subsequently, was never sold on their chemistry. They had some awkward moments partnering, which is unusual for these two. Overall though, very satisfying! I also enjoyed Romi Beppu as Olga, as she was full of energy and particularly gorgeous in her Act I pas with Lensky.

Best part of the whole show was the music - what a gorgeous arrangement! The orchestra seemed truly inspired.

Boston has done a great job of educating audiences about this ballet. I know many non-ballet-goers who went to the show, and all of my non-dancer friends said this was the best evening of ballet they had ever seen. Bravo!

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