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Little known petipa ballets that are still around..... ?

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Anybody know about any Petipa peices that are still being performed but that are hardly known (Im doing a report on him for school), such as excerpts or even full-length works, but not your well known......such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Bayadere, Raymonda, Corasire, Paquita, etc. I mean RARE ones that might only be performed in Russia. I recently read somwhere online that he choreographed a Pocahontas ballet..... ? Anyway, help please!

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jeannie who 'lives' parttime in russia will likely have some thoughts here if she sees this.

nowadays it seems most of the little-known/little-seen items have indeed been brought out of russia by some group or another.

vyacheslav gordeyev's group has been known to perform what he claims to be petipa's 'dance of the hours' from ponchielli's LA GIONCONDA.

one work shown english tv in the late 70s is petipa's 'cavalary halt' (sometimes called 'cavalry bivouac'),which has been seen in bits and pieces outside russia, but not to the best of my knowledge often in its full one-act form.

baryshnikov's abt/all-petipa prog. televised in '81(?) included not just the 'jardin anime' from 'le corsaire' at that point not seen here, but also a 'fille mal gardee' pas de duex, tho' since the same pas has been credited to gorsky.

also one bolshoi group has put on the pas de six (if mem. serves) from 'niad and the fisherman'

at one point the 'ocean and the pearls' trio from 'humpbacked horse' was given sporadically but not much lately.

nikita dolgushin's concert groups have been known to perform it on tour.

recently the japanese ballet academy, btw, did the 'dance of the hours.'

i'm probably forgetting some tidbit or other, which jeannie could likely fill in if she reads this.

(there are the two(?) petipa (notated) variations that doug fullington could name here in the lacotte 'pastiche' of 'daughter of the pharoah' recently staged by the bolshoi.

also the recent kirov staging of the newly researched 'la bayadere' contains the never seen in my time 'lotus dance' from the final act, choreographed for and danced by student dancers.

except for a pas or two seen outside russian, the full of petipa's 'harlequinade' has been staged primarily inside russia, specifically in leningrad, in a staging by pyotr gusev. the 'ballet legends' tape w/ kurpapkina has one duet from this, tho' i'm not sure if it's all said to be petipa or it's partly said to be gorsky.

don't forget that the somewhat overfamiliar 'grand pas classique' from 'paquita' begins w/ the often omitted 'children's polonaise and mazurka' and the famous 'golden' 'pas de trois' from that same divertissement is not overfamiliar outside russia, where it's not consistently presented when the grand pas is given hereabouts.

there are also segments of 'esmeralda' the well-known 'pas de six' is not given that often outside russia.

good luck w/your research.

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I have got a video called "Evening at the Maly".Shown are 3 one act Petipa Ballet. Paquita, Harlequinade and the 3rd one I neither know how to pronounce nor to write. It is the ballet Petipa did for his daughter who was a character dancer.

A friend in Russia sent me another Ballet, officially by Petipa "The Humback Horse, or something like it" There are inded traces of Petipa there but alas only traces.

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