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Worst idea for a new ballet

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Guest justDANCE

How about a political ballet? They could go through each and every law and "happenings" at the white house....congress, etc. Wouldn't that be one of the longest ballet's??? I guess to some, it might be interesting....but who would compose the music?

Or how about this, "The Arctic:A Freeze Frame Ballet in 1 Act". Where all the dancers wore blue, and simply stood there. Again, who would compose the music?

Here's one: The Life Cycles of a Bug. Going through each of the stages of a bug, and the life of a bug. Wait...didn't Gelsey Kirkland do something like that???

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Emily, the bug thing is old, old as the hills. Not only did Balanchine do one on that theme in the early 1950s, but Marie Taglioni (!) had a ballet called "The Butterfly" which featured creature transformations. Of course, this was a magic butterfly, in Persia, but there still were "metamorphoses".

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How about a ballet based on "I Love Lucy"?

There could be a memorable adagio based on the famous "chocolates off the conveyer belt" scene.

Of course, there would be quite a rivalry among male dancers to play the coveted role of Ricky Ricardo...character dancers could audition for the part of Fred Mertz.

Up next: A ballet based on "Three's Company"....

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