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Statue Of Pavlova's Pointe

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I need some help. I have searched everywhere and so I figured this would most likely be my last place to look. Does anyone have any idea where on earth I could find a statue of Anna Pavlova's foot in a pointe shoe? One was used in the film the Red Shoes. and One is also featured in a danish film called the dancer. Any help at all would be appreciated.

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Actually, I have seen a statue of Anna Pavlova (though im not 105% POSITIVE that it was her? did she had very damaged feets because of the shoe?) in her point shoes!! It was in a touring show who was in my hometown, and they used it as a picture to help people understand how hard it is to become a dancer! The show was from denmark, i think!

This probably didnt help you so much, but thats all I know!

Hope you can (somehow) use it! good luck!

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I know of a internet site that is a

Art Library for Diaghileff's Ballet

Russes.A link and email address is located

below this post,you can email the internet

site and see if they can help you with the

statue.The people who run the internet are

located in France so their English is not

perfect.The women who set up the Art Library

is a real Nijinsky fan and maybe she knows

something of this Pavlova foot statue.


jacqeuline/ (jlraynaud)



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Anna Pavlova's house in north London used to contain a small museum dedicated to her and although the house still exists, the museum part closed down some years ago. I seem to have a foggy recollection that something of this sort was on display there or perhaps it was a plaster cast of her foot. What happened to the collection after the closure I have no idea, but perhaps if anyone knows the current location of that collection it would solve the mystery.

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