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on p. 585 of the videography in my book, BALLET 101, i've got 2 commerciallyavailable tapes listed of the Walpurgis Night i assume you're looking for. the choreography is Leonid Lavrovsky's and was a staple over the years in the repertory of the Bolshoi Ballet.

one performance, from 1956 is on THE BOLSHO BALLET, a tape with a number of bolshoi ballets, including ulanova's GISELLE. this perf. is led by raissa struchkova and alexander lapauri.

another, called FAUST: WALPURGIS NIGHT can be found on RUSSIAN BALLET: THE GLORIOUS TRADITION, VOL. 2, it's led by ekaterina maximova and stanislav vlasov, it was filmed in 1978 and released on video in 1992.

hope this helps.

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