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Events in Auckland in May?

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Seeming unable to track a useful link in the web - maybe someone can help me out: I will be in Auckland middle of May and was hoping to check for any theatre/ballet/dance performances in advance.

So... if anyone could provide me a link or give me any information, this would be greatly appreciated!! (Will be there around 16-24 May)

Thanks in advance!

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Sonja, I found a site full of information about what's going on in Auckland -- you might want to check it closer to your departure. There's a searchable calendar -- theater, music, art. No dance category, of course smile.gif But dance turns up. I looked in May and there's nothing much there yet, but more may well be posted closer to your trip.

Here's the link:


The photos of the area are beautiful! If there's no dance, there will be lots else to do and see.

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Dear Sonja, I am in Auckland at the moment, and went to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet in their production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Anyway, I found their website for you:


It has details of their current season, and bookings, but unfortunatly there doesn't appear to be anything on when you are there in May-not sure why, it jumps from April to June?

Sorry I don't have better news for you, : ( If I find any other ballet being advertised I'll let you know, (I'm here until April 9th), love anoushka XX :)

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