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New Nutcracker?


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Lillian, I don't think it is a new production - as far as I know it is the Peter Wright one from 1999. It is lovely, really sparkly and magical, traditional etc. Snow and glitter all round! I have seen it several times, and am seeing it several more this Christmas, so be assured it isn't dull!

I can help with casts... (although sadly not for Clara yet)

Darcey Bussell and Jonathan Cope: 20 Dec 1pm, 28 Dec 2pm, 1st Jan 7.30pm

Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg: 21 Dec 12.30pm, 27 Dec 7pm, 2 Jan 7.30pm

Leanne Benjamin and Robert Tewsley: 23 Dec 2pm, 28 Dec 7pm, 31 Dec 2.30pm, 3 Jan 7.30pm

Tamara Rojo and Inaki Urlezaga: 23 Dec 7pm, 30 Dec 7.30pm, 6 Jan 7.30pm

Miyako Yoshida and Ivan Putrov: 27 Dec 2pm, 31 Dec 7.30pm, 10 Jan 7.30pm

I included the times as they are so all over the place - I couldn't really just put matinee or evening!

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I think Lillian may have in mind English National Ballet's new production of Nutcracker, choreographed by Christopher Hampson and designed by the cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. The production opened last week in Bristol. It is fair to describe the opening reviews as very mixed. The production will almost certainly be reworked before it gets to London. I am certainly interested enough to go and see it and I believe it to be worth Lillian's while to take a chance on it.

The Peter Wright Nutcracker for the Royal Ballet, should, as Lolly says, be seen. You may already have seen it on a BBC/Opus Arte DVD. There will be another non-traditional Nutcracker in London this Christmas - by Matthew Bourne (as in male Swan Lake), which Lillian may also want to think about.

Some ENB Nutcracker reviews

Jann Parry, The Observer

Judith, Mackrell, The Guardian

Ismene Brown, The Telegraph

I should mention that Richard Jones, a regular contributor to balletalert, took some of his students to see ENB's Nutcracker. They were greatly entertained.

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Hmm...I think you could be right. My English sources seem confused. They mentioned new cartoonish sets and that does sound like the ENB from the articles Brenda posted.

I'm taking along two little girls (one six and one eight-year old) and was hoping the production would be entertaining for them as well as for a die hard balletomane like me :) . I took one of them to see The Royal's Giselle last year and she held up quite well until the end.

As we only have time for one of these companies, which do you think I should spring for (I'm up against their mother who thinks they should see My Fair Lady instead).

Also, I would probably be smart to purchase tickets ASAP no?

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I have only seen the RB one but you can't go wrong with it. And there will be loads of other 6 and 8 year old girls watching! Of course ROH itself contributes to the experience too, it's so beautiful, red and gold!

Yes, book quickly - there is not much left in the way of online booking so you may have to phone. Much time will be saved with choosing seats if you can see a seating plan of the auditorium: http://www.roh.org.uk/Multimedia/Multimedi...rentLA=En&cl=31

ROH seemingly rearranged their booking plan to get their Nutcracker audience in first, before the other two, so that is one reason the tickets might be hard to come by - they have been on sale for a lot longer than the other productions. But good luck! I am sure you will find something!:)

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