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2002 Princess Grace Awards

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Hi, Sneds. I know that Michele Jimenez did win a Princess Grace Award -- don't know about any others. (I thought there was only one!)

At least two other Washingtonians have won in the past -- Amanda McKerrow, then of the Washington School of Ballet, and Maria Bystrova, then of the Kirov Academy (and presently languishing in the corps of ABT, for reasons that are inscrutable to me). I thought this was a student award, and was surprised when Jimenez won it -- she's way past the student stage.

Does anyone know about the background of the award? Has it changed? Or was there always a student award and a professional award?

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There are at least three different awards that ballet dancers can receive from the Princess Grace-USA Foundation. There are fellowships, scholarships, and the Chris Hellman Dance Award which can be a fellowship or scholarship. In recent years they've also given dance honorariums.

It seems that at least three, sometimes four or more ballet dancers get awards, as well as a few modern and ethic dancers.

The fellowships, I believe, pay for the dancer's salary for one year (Michelle Jiminez in 2002-03 and Jared Angle in 2001-02 are recent fellowship awardees).

There are also scholarships for stuedents-Ashlee Knapp received one in 2001-02.

There also is the Chris Hellman Dance Award which is a dance (ballet fellowship). Ricardo Torres was the receipient last year.



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