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Ballet from Estonian National Opera

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28 November

Will be premiere!

The "Swan Lake" production by Tiit Härm,

Choreographer and Stage Director TIIT HÄRM

Music Director and Conductor ARVO VOLMER

Conductor AIVO VÄLJA


Lighting Designer AIRI ERAS


Assistant Producer IRINA HÄRM


Estonian Ballet (private site)

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Hello VLADIMIR! Hello Everyone!! :)

My name is Marianna, I live in Almaty (former Alma-Ata), Republic of Kazakhstan (Central Asian republic of the former Soviet Union).

I am a very new member of this MOST DELIGHTFUL SITE. Just wanted to express my admiration about the site of the Estonian National Opera. FANTASTIC JOB HAS BEEN DONE!!

I myself have been a ballet admirer since 1999 - when I first time saw the Nutcracker performed by the Almaty State Ballet. Since then I got bold enough to introduce myself to one of the soloist-ballerinas of our ballet and ask to take private dance lessons from her - at the age of 27, no previous experience of ballet lessons :))

Later I had an honor to meet through my new friend more ballerinas and dancers of the Almaty Ballet - the most interesting, bright and delightful people I've ever met! Their beuatiful inner qualities are finely matched with their grace and elegance. I can't stop being amazed and delighted with those people who "don't belong to this Earth".

For those, who might be intrested in a bit more about ballet of Almaty. Some of the prima ballerinas and premier dancers were trained in Moscow and St.Petersburg (back in Soviet times) - the "Old Guardia". My dance teacher for example, shared a room with the famous Janna Ayupova, prima ballerina of Mariinsky Theater - when they both were students of Vaganova's Dance Academy. Their friendship is still strong, and when Almaty Ballet went on tour to St.Petersburg, two girl-friends re-united in the summer of 2002 :)

Unfortunately, the problem of losing many of our young talented dancers to bigger ballet companies in Russia, Europe and United States is a very big thing - and big heartache for me - as a fan and admirer of our Ballet, which is losing some of it's core with each talented young dancer leaving us for "better life there".

If someone could tell me how I could attach photos of the ballerinas, that I would love to attach to the message ("copy" and "paste" didn't work), I would be happy.

Cheers to all, and I'll be happy to hear from anyone who would like to write me.

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Hi Marianna, and welcome! We're all looking forward to your reports on the Almaty State Ballet and the rest of the ballet scene in Kazakhstan. By the way, you didn't mention Almaty's greatest gift to the ballet world — Altinayi Assylmuratova, former ballerina of the Kirov, now the head of the Vaganova Academy.

About attaching pictures: when you are in the "Post Reply" window, you will see a box that says "Attach file." Use the Browse button to find the photo on your hard drive, and select it. When you post, the photo will be attached.

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