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ABT Gala at City Center

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Originally posted by Dale

I was told the order was changed for Sunday's performance because the company felt the Harrison piece is more of a closer.

I was told by one of ABT's pianists that, due to the misprint in the Times (which stated curtain time as 8:00 instead of 7:30), and the likelihood that many tickets were bought specifically for the Harrison, it was placed last as a concession to latecomers.

It is wonderful how Murphy and Steifel can project their joy at dancing together. I think the sauts de Basque should always be single. Doesn't it just feel better with the music? Doesn't the double feel "off"?

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Manhattnik, I wasn't trying to be witty or hurtful, all I was saying was that whatever went wrong in the partnership between Part and Molina must have manifested itself on stage that night. Naively, I would think that if he was deemed too weak or not a right partner for her, the company would not have put them out there together. Unfortunately, we never had a chance to see them do the second movement of Symphony in C again this season as Part was replaced by Nina Ananiashvili on Wednesday night.

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