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Bolshoi Ballet Bayadere on Video - AWFUL DANCERS


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I think this should go in this section.........

I just purchased the Bolshois production of "La Bayadere" and I was so angry at how awful it was. All of the dancers, for example in the Grand pas (one dancer almost falls in the little 2/4 after the main adagio) were messy to say the least.

In contrast to my negativity, I am a new fan of Alexandr Vetrov....in the mist of all those SLOPPY ballerinas he was magnificent.....his jumps seemed to be 6 feet of the stage and what precision! The shades scene had an eerie, almost old world feel, and the JUMBO Bolshoi stage called for a larger ramp with more turns, emphasing thier desent to earth.....that part was cooooooool. I also love the reactions of Bolshoi audiences, they have more fun than Americans at a football game.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has seen these people dance, live or on film? They were so awful (the danseuses) (I think Gracheva would do better with Kirov coaching, givin her semingly un-used potential), why are Bolshoi dancers so sloppy?

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Solor, I'm sorry but I did some editing on your post. While negative opinions are not a problem, personal attacks on dancers are a problem. When we write about individual dancers on Ballet Alert we try not to say things that are destructive, even if we feel that their performance in a particular work was not suitable or up to par technically, or if they were possibly miscast in a role. That would be okay, but saying that they are horrendous and should not be on the stage is really not appropriate. Try thinking about things you write as if you were saying them to this dancer, or the dancers' mother! :eek:

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Dear Solor,

Where did you find that tape? Apparently, it is not a new recording since Alexander Vetrov has not been dancing with the Bolshoi for several years now. I remember him in his younger years when I admired him not so much as a prince but more in his demi-character roles like Tibalt or even Crassus, although nobody could match Maris Liepa in this role, of course.

I have not seen the tape which you bought but I have seen "La Bayadere" on the Bolshoi's stage and in London. It is an excellent production. I am quite a discerning and even picky ballet-goer but I wouldn't call the Bolshoi dancers sloppy as you chose. I remember there was a discussion once, something like "what we appreciate more - technique or style or soul?" Of course we wish to see a harmony of all three but our ideals do not always materialise. Therefore, while regretting some errors made by dancers, nevertheless, we can enjoy positive qualities of the same dancers.

You are probably aware that the Bolshoi is bringing "La Bayadere" to USA this month and will tour 8 cities and towns. Perhaps you can find a chance to see them live and tell us later what you saw.

They bring three sets of cast. If I were there now, I would have chosen Galina Stepanenko - Nikolai Tsiskaridze cast. Although I prefer Gracheva in the "flower basket dance" (with excellent balance and poignant acting), Stepanenko is stunning as a virtuoso in the Shades act. The main reason for choosing this cast will be of course Tsiskaridse. Although I like two other Bolshoi principals too but Tsiskaridze as Solor is in a league of his own.

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I have seen the tape you are talking about, Solor, and I am sorry to say I totally disagree with you.

I found Nadezdha Gracheva magnificent, a whole rounded performance indeed. Delicate, moving, and also technically impressive, though this is not for me the feature I cherish most.

Also maria Bilova, though she has rather "old schooled" Bolshoi arms manages to move me with her performance of Gamzatti. she is a true princess: proud, sure of herself. I also appreciate the way that her GAmzatti contrasts with Gracheva's Nikia. She is also techically outstanding, but, again, this not the most important feature for me.

As regards the three soloist shades, they truly do justice to the 3 solo parts.

As for Alexander Vetrov, he is the most satisfying Solor I have seen so far.


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Guest unique

i have seen the bolshoi ballet performing live and on video many many times because both of my parents used to dance with the Bolshoi. Unfortuantly i do not agree. Dancing is not easy and things happen, anyone can fall now and then. Almost all of the bolshoi ballet dancers come from the bolshoi ballet academy and are trained with great taste. i respect your opinion but please do not be so harsh, its just a video.

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I got the video tape and I admired Gracheva in La Bayadere. But not as much as I loved her in other parts. My favorite is her "Pharaos daughter" and her Corsaire pas deu deux has such charm and grace I started to wonder "where could she possible get this from". I find her not "sloppy" at all.

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