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Farukh Ruzimitov and Altyinai Assylmurotva FAN!


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When I first saw Farukh Ruzimatov in a performance of "Le Corasire" on PBS with the most divine ballerina Altinai Assylmurotova when I was 8, I wanted to become a ballet dancer. In my opinion Mr Ruzimatov is the greatest ballet dancer ever (I love flamboyance in male dancers rather than nobility), and likewise for Assylmurotova....what a spectacle to see them dance live and on video! I love how she is so classical, not like all these extreme, almost 'rythmic gymnist' like ballerinas coming out of the Kirov now, but a pure classical technique....she is so precise without the precision taking over the attention of the viewer......Ruzimatov as well. Any other fans of them out there? I dont really know what is going on with these two lately, I know they are getting "old" in ballet years. The kirov site and others that have turned up in the search engine are vague and dont tell me much of the DETAILS that I love to know.....Anybody know?

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Ruzimatov? :eek: Gimme a break!!! All dazzle, no depth. You like the line of his hyperextended back? What about his lack of musicality? Sloppiness in connecting steps? ABT has 40 men better than him.

Assylmuratova, on the other hand, is quite lovely, if a bit cool.

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Yes, Vladimir. In the Kirov, Altinai is at the top, along with the wonderful Zhanna Ayupova. I was very sorry that Altinai did not accompany the Kirov on their recent visit to New York. I would have loved to see her, especially in the Balanchine.

Veronika Part has joined ABT. I look forward to seeing how this lovely dancer does. She has gained a few unwanted pounds since summer :eek: , but so far she seems happy. She is in one of the new ballets. I hope the weight will take care of itself.

I hope that you are able to see some of ABT's fine dancers soon. Any chance you might be able to visit the US?:)

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One of Part's grandparents is Estonian. I would guess from the last name, it would be on her father's side. I think she is stunning; a most beautiful Lilac Fairy and nicely dramatic in Fountain's... But I also think she's a natural in the Balanchine works she's done - "Dark Angel" in Serenade, Diamonds, Sym. in C and Emeralds. She was a little bit too pert as terpsichore in Apollo, but that can be fixed with coaching. She can get a little bit stronger technically, but then she'll surprise with some spot-on turns or clean tricky combination.

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