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Kirov Swan Lake On Cd

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I am iin a regional dance company and I have been asked to put together a performance of Swan lake. Its really a very special recording of this ballet by the Maryinsky Orchestra cunducted by Victor Fedotov. It has the Petipa/Drigo/Ivanov version of the music that is the modern standard. It is out of print. IF ANYONE HAS THIS RECORDING, would it be possible, if I provided blank CDs, to burn this for me? It would help me and the dancers out so much as we are stuck with a piano rendition!


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Hey Solor!

I am so so so so so so so sorry that I just re-joined this board recently. I have a copy of this version of "Swan Lake," but I lent it out to someone. She has had it now for over a year! But, seeing your post reminded me to call her to get it back. Once I get it back and get back home (I am in Mass. right now) I will be glad to burn you a copy. I also love and have a lot of ballet music. We should get in touch. I will be back home on June 16, and hopefully I will have my cd back!

Joseph :D

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I asked u about this cd LOONG ago but I was wondering if u were still ofering, I happen to be doing the same thing (stagin swan lake) again and this time I would like to be able to do this from one good recording instead of patching up a bunch together. so I weas wondering if u were still able to do this?


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Hey Solor!

Sorry, I have not been on this thing in a long time! I just today got back in the swing of things. Anyway, I NEVER got my CDS back and the girl who I lent them to has seemed to of disapeared. :angry:

I am going to check with one more extremely reliable source who I am sure will have a copy of it. I will get him to burn one for me and then get one for you! I promise I will work on this ASAP and get back to you!

I read in another forum that you said the Pas D'Odalisques (Corsaire) could be found on a cd titled something like "Ballets pour Petipa." I looked this up on Amazon but I think you have to bid for it. Do you have a copy of this cd? I am really interested in hearing the pas d'esclave. Anyway, we can trade our something.

I do have lots of other ballet music if you have any questions etc.

Let me know about Ballets Pour Petipa...


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sounds cool, I have the "Pas de Odalisques" from Le Corsaire, music by Minkus, dont have the slave pas with Gulnare on this weird CD I found in a Pawn Shop. Anyway the fedotov Swan Lake cd I want really bad, burned or otherwise. What do u have? u got a list? I can let u know what I have but Im not home right now.

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hey solor

yes i can compile a list for you. i am not at home right now, but will work on it tonight and the rest of this week. i should do it for myself anyway, i find that by lending cds out - some do not get returned!!! anyway, i am working on the swan lake, because i want that copy back as well! the fourth act additions are beautiful!

once completed, i will re-post on this. if you could, i would like to see what music you have as well...


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