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Please Tell Me About The Maryiinskys New Bayadere!

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I have not seen the new Mariinsky version of La Bayadere. I have long dreamed that someone would FINALY restage the ballet to a more or less "original" state as staged by Petipa. Now that it has been done, I would like to know, if anyone can explain, the deatails of the differences between the recent revival, and the truncated version the Mariinsky has been performing for the last half century. Please tell me! I want details BAD! Thanks. :)

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If you do a search there was a big discussion on the new production when it was in NYC this past summer. I am not sure if it is in the La Bayadere section now or in the recent performances section where it was originally. What comes to mind is....LONG ballet (3 hours+) and lots of mime! But look at the threads.

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Solor, we have a whole forum devoted to the Kirov Ballet -- look in the International Ballet Companies group here.


There are several reviews by posters.

We also have a special forum on Bayadere, although it hasn't been very active.


One thread starts with a very detailed press release from the Kirov about the changes in the ballet.


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