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I am looking for a Pilates workout video. My baby centered life makes it very difficult for me to go to classes, so I am looking for a video that would be my primary source of insruction.

I have heard of 'Pilates Powerhouse', but I don't know anything about it. Can anyone recommend this video or any others?

Also, what is the NYCB Workout like - is it ballet, Pilates or what? Has anyone used it at home without going to classes?

Thanks for any information you may have.

P.S. I'm not sure this is the right place to post.

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Can't help you on Pilates tape, but I occasionally do the NYCB workout when I can't make it to ballet class. There are some similarities to ballet class -- plies, tendus, degages, passes, etc. -- but done without a barre. Some sections are also like a floor barre -- where you're on your back or side and doing leg lifts and such -- and there are lots of good abdominal exercises. It's not like a real class -- no real combinations or big jumps -- but ends with a nice reverance.

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Guest moralesr

I have the NYCB Workout Book instead of the tape. There are some really great and inspiring photos in there. I prefer the book over the tape because I can go at my own pace and really make sure my technique is correct. There are step by step photo illustrations and written explanations for each exercise. The abdominals section includes a lot of pilates based exercises. I would highly recommend it.

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