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Marketing tip -- can you top this one?

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I heard this with my own ears. I am not making it up. An opera company nearby Washington was advertising its season opener. It's exciting, it's wonderful, it's etc etc. All perfectly acceptable. And then they ended with this line?

"Opera.....it's better than you think!"

Should ballet be left out? Along these lines, I came up with

"Ballet....almost as fun as curling!!"

I'm sure someone can top that.

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There is no way that I can add to this!

However, in it's defense, I must hasten to defend the Baltimore Opera. These ads are a hoot. They are not nasty, not perjorative, they are really clever, they translate to print very well--I used to save the brochures I got as examples of good marketing.

I think they are great! So there. Look at their web site--

I have to say that I think Farrell Fan's slogan would go on my car if I were a bumper sticker kinda gal......

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