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Favourite Style of Repertoire?

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I like watching the company is romantic works, and also English repertoire- particularly MacMillan and Ashton because that is where the company's roots lie. Les Sylphides was their first performance, and it is still beautiful every time. I really enjoyed Solitaire and the Dream. Both choreographers have at one time worked personally with the dancers, and the legacy is always being passed down. (I attended a master class taught by Karen Kain on Ashton's style). Cranko ballets are also a favourite.

The classics are also wonderful to watch, however I'm not a fan of Kudelka's revamped Petipa works (Nut, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty will be next). I also feel that the company needs more dancers who are really comfortable with the technical demands of the tutu ballets. Opening night cast is always great, but sometimes the others aren't. As for modern pieces, I'm glad that Kudelka is encouraging the dancers to broaden their range, but the new works comissioned are very hit and miss (as with anything new), so it really varies. I liked "A Delicate Battle" but didn't really enjoy "the Comforts of Solitude" or "the Contract", and don't see those staying in the repertoire for very long.

With all this said, next season looks to be a great mix of all these styles. I'm especially looking forward to Bayadere, Fille, Elite Syncopations, and le Spectre de la Rose.

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An excellent topic. And one I would think that NBofC fans would jump on. (Maybe if we add the word "Kudelka" to the topic ???)

Come to think of it, wouldn't this be a good topic for NYCB and other larger company forums as well?

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I've only begun partaking of NBoC this year and have seen Kudelka/classical and Kudelka/contemporary. But the reaction I'm having to the repertoire is wondering what more depth of talent will do for the company's performances. I think most of their senior artists are on a par with some of the best that I've seen in companies like ABT and Australian Ballet Company, but there's too much of a drop off in quality once you get into the second soloist and below ranks. Kain's new hires and continuing reshuffling of lead couples should be interesting.

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