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mass exodus?

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Does anyone have a clue as to why, Julie Admas, Roman, and the Ballet Mistress ( please excuse me for not knowing her name) left SFB. I know that Julie Adams and Roman's roles in the company have been filled by outisders, but do you think the prospect of people being moved from the school to the company is out of proportion? thanks again!

Ed McPherson

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What do you mean by out of proportion? Do you mean there are too many younger dancers from the school?

Julia Adam had a baby last year. At the end of her maternity leave, she felt that she wanted to pursue choreography and not perform. Roman Rykine was offered a great opportunity at Boston and took it. Elyse Bourne, one of the ballet mistresses, left to pursue work with the Balanchine Trust. I wouldn't call this a mass exodous, but each year companies have turnover. Otherwise, how would new or transitioning professionals and dancers ever get jobs?

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