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Prodigal Son Siren?

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With Monique Meunier and Helene Alexopolous gone from NYCB, who would you like to see as the Prodigal Son's next Siren?

I realize that both Maria Kowrowski and Yvonne Bouree have done the part, but I must admit I am less than excited about those two dancers. Who's next?

For that matter, who's the next Prodigal? I believe Boal, Neal, Woetzel and Hubbe have done the part, but none of them are under 30.

Personally, I'd enjoy seeing Millepied in the role.

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Have Neal or Hubbe actually performed the role with NYCB? (Sometimes dancers perform roles with other companies or touring groups that they do not perform with NYCB).

The only two Prodigal Sons I've seen are Boal and Woetzel, and I thought that they've been alternating the role in recent seasons. Robert LaFosse also used to perform the role-he's in one fo the photos of Prodigal Son that is often used in the brochures.

For the Siren..hmmm..how about Jennie Somogyi, Alexandra Ansanelli or maybe even Aesha Ash???

For the Prodigal...Millipied, Marcovici..also, I've never seen him dance, but perhaps Yoel (more frequently spelled Joel) Carreno might be a good Prodigal eventually. His half brother certainly is a good prodigal at ABT, though I tend to think Jose Manuel is to heavily built (muscular) for the role-just doesn't look drained/weak enough at the end.

Speaking of new dancers, I can't wait to see Ask LaCour on stage. If I'm not mistaken, he's the first new Danish man in the company since Nikolaj Hubbe joined.


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There seems to be a problem with NYCB Souvenir Programs as such these days. Some part of management has decided that they are more about couture than they are about the recognition of dancers, and it's not helpful to the audience. At least they haven't gone down the road of the "Art of the Camera" and provided very artsy-craftsy blurry images from which nobody can be identified!:eek:

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Kate - I've seen Hubbe do the role, in the spring 1998 season, I believe. He was good, but not great, and apparently Martins agreed, since he hasn't been cast in it since.

Neal may have been my imagination - I seem to remember seeing him on a cast list for the role, but it's not in his official biography.

Ullbricht and Carreno sound like interesting ideas. Call me crazy, but I think it would be fun to see a fairly young guy as the Prodigal - it is, after all, about a young guy rebelling against his family. And it looks as there are a lot of intriguing young male dancers in the company these days.

As for the Siren:I love Jennie Somogyi, as regular readers of these boards know, but is she MEAN enough for the role?

Ansanelli would either be absolutely divine or absolutely miscast.

Ash is a fascinating idea. Since she appears to be suffering from the Albert Evans syndrome - ie Martins' lack of imagination about where to cast her - I haven't seen enough of her to know what she can do. I haven't ever seen her in a soloist role or one that required acting. Can anyone guide me on this?

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Ash is a nice dancer, and a particularly strong turner; it seems that when she gets a crack at a big role, it's a fouette role (4th movement Western, Hippolyta). I also haven't seen her in a role that required lots of acting, either.

I don't know Jennie Somogyi personally at all, but onstage I know she has killer instincts. I think she'd have no problem in that respect with the Siren. She'd need a short Prodigal though, but right now there are men in the company who could do that.

I think Prodigal would be very healthy for Millepied; it's a good stretch and change for him. This may sound like it's coming from left field, but any time I've seen Adam Hendrickson in a role with acting, I've liked him a lot, and I think the part (and the story) would suit him. I'd give him a shot at it.

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Oh no, not Yvonne Borree! has she really done it? I can't even imagine it. The Siren needs to be menacing, she needs to attack--this is not her strong suit. It seems that she is cast in everything, whether she is suited to it or not.

Now I will contradict myself because Wendy Whelan is also cast in everything. I noticed in the spring season and at SPAC that she seems to be giving herself a bit of a break, but for years she was on every night, two or even three times. That said, I think she would make a frightful Siren! Plenty of menace there.

I will also second or third the motion for Aesha Ash. She would be fantastic. Is anyone at NYCB listening????

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