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at this evening's NY Bessie Awards ceremony DTW director D.White announced that NY Mag would be appointing a dance critic in 2 to 3 weeks.

also he announced that Dance Mag was about launch a half-hour(?) radio(?) show - it all went by quite quickly in his opening remarks - written by Dance Mag editor Wendy Perron and hosted by Susan Jaffe.

i have no more details than these, perhaps someone else was there listening more attentively or who knows further particulars.

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I would who the new New York Nagazine critic will be. I won't be an easy task to be the successor of Tobi Tobias (by the way, has Ms Tobias found another employer?) I wonder if NY Mag really intented to hire a new critic from the start (but then why saying at first that they fired Tobi Tobias because of financial problems?), or if it is because of the large reaction in the world of dance that finally they decided to hire one?

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I'm quite convinced it's the latter, Estelle. In the Time Out NY interview, Tobias said that the editor had approached her several weeks before the firing and said there were financial problems and that she was considering whether to cut the column back severely (hard to do, since Tobias only wrote about 12 times a year to begin with) or cut it completely.

It's a moot point now -- obviously, Tobias is being "punished" for not dying quietly like a good soldier -- but for those who doubt this, check the NY Magazine thread and trace the responses from Miller. The "But we need a new voice and we'll be hiring someone soon" was the fourth response.

That said, unless they hire Bambi Ijustsawmyfirstdanceperformancelastnight anditwassolikewaykewl, it's very good news that New York Mag will continue to provide dance criticism.

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She is writing for the Voice, and doing pieces online, but obviously that isn't the same as having her own pulpit. I am very sorry she won't get her job back, although I suspected from the first that's how it would be. As Alexandra says, she didn't fall on her sword. Too great a loss of face for Miller to take her back. However, it's good to hear that the talk of hiring "a new voice" wasn't just talk.

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dept. of slight clarification: after checking tonight w/ a colleague it would seem David White's remarks noting a DanceMag-sponsored NY-area prog. due to begin soon(?) - written by W. Perron and hosted by S. Jaffe - will be on TV not the radio as suggested here earlier. none of this, however, is at all official, and to be sure that would be cable tv, perhaps NYC's MetroArts, which is also planning to air the Bessie Awards ceremony sometime soon.

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