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abt city center opening night program and casting

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Tuesday, October 15 at 7pm

Opening Night Gala

Harrison (excerpts - company)

Sylvia Pas de Deux (adagio and coda - Ananiashvili, Gomes)

Grand Pas Classique (pas de deux and coda- Dvorovenko, Belotserkovsky)

Dancing with Monet A Gathering at Argenteuil, (excerpt - Murphy, Molina)

Diana & Acteon (pas de deux - Herrera, Saveliev)

Offenbach in the Underworld (excerpts - TBA, E. Brown, Meunier, Molina, Reyes, Lopez)

Fancy Free (Corella, Stiefel, Carreno, S. Brown, Kent, Faye)

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