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Kirov's 2002/3 season in St. Petersburg

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The Kirov Ballet's new 2002/3 season at the Mariinsky Theatre will commence on 10 Oct. with Swan Lake led by Svetlana Zakharova and Igor Kolb. The casting for October is now on the Kirov/Mariinsky's website.


I would be very interested in particular to see the Kirov in "La Sylphide", which they seldom dance on overseas tours. The two performances in October will be led by Irina Zhelonkina and Elena Sheshina, both to be partnered by Anton Korsakov, who made his debut as James last season.

There is also a single performance of K. Sergeyev's Soviet production of Sleeping Beauty, which is still in the repertory and hasn't been replaced by Vikarev's reconstructed production.

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Thanks for pointing this out, Kevin. As usual, Kirov never reveals the programme well in advance, unlike other companies.

And I thought I would see Lopatkina and Zelensky in the cast list this season. Hope they won't take leave for another year!

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In today's St. Petersburg Times, there's a preview of the two ballets to be premiered this season in the Maryinsky Festival - Chemayakin's new production of "Princess Pirlipat" with choreography by Kirill Simonov, and Pierre Lacotte's "Undina".


And Zhanna Ayupova has been awarded the title of Honoured Artist of Russia, according to the Kirov website.


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The special events organised by the Mariinsky Theatre to celebrate the city's 300th anniversary next year include -

31 Dec. 2002 - New Year's Eve Concert and Ball, in the Mariinsky Theatre.

21 Feb. to 2 March - Mariinsky International Ballet Festival (details in another thread).

5 May to 5 Aug. - Stars of the White Nights Festival (It's the longest White Nights Festival ever.) Kirov Ballet and Opera as well as overseas companies will participate. Details not yet announced.

31 May - Concert and Ball in Tsarskoe Selo.


St. Petersburg Times reported that words will be added to the city's anthem - a movement from the ballet "The Bronze Horseman" - to celebrate the tri-centenary.


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Those performances are during a holiday weekend here in Russia and I'm planning a trip up there. I've only seen the Kirov once before on tour in London and was looking to see if anyone had some recommendations of which performance to see. During her birthday celebration/performances they will perform Sleeping Beauty, Raymonda, or Don Q.... I'd love to go to all three, but I'm not sure if my friend would :)...

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Lolly, I'll try to find out details for you about this ball. I think that tickets can be booked, but they may be very expensive. I would suggest that you contact in the meantime the corporate events department at the Mariinsky Theatre - katiasir@mariinsky.ru

Jeannie should be in St. Petersburg now. Perhaps she has more details. Jeannie has told me that she will attend this spectacular ball on 31 May.

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Originally posted by Kevin Ng

St. Petersburg Times reported that words will be added to the city's anthem - a movement from the ballet "The Bronze Horseman" - to celebrate the tri-centenary.

This reminds me of a funny story about Reinhold Glière, the composer of The Bronze Horseman. One of his colleagues recalled him as a very nice, modest, humble man, but the Minister of Transportation was so moved by the "Hymn to a Great City" (and it is a beautiful piece of music), that he made it play over the PA system at the train stations whenever a train from Moscow pulled in. Glière, getting off the train, would just pick up his bags, pull his hat down close on his head, put up his coat collar, and scramble out of that station as fast as he could possibly go!;)

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