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Barenboim's performance in Ramallah

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I would like to applaud Barenboim for his visit to Ramallah and for acting on his principles in a constructive and positive manner. There are too many artists who either refuse to express their political views or express their views by boycotting the side they disagree with. If more follow Barenboim's example, perhaps (as he says in the article) 'the level of hatred would be lower'.

For the record, Kach is not a political party as such. It has been outlawed by the Supreme Court of Israel because its platform undermines the basic democratic principles of the State of Israel, and it therefore cannot participate in elections for the Knesset (Israeli parliament). KAch's supporters have of course found ways to bypass this prohibition and to organise themselves in alternative entities.

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Thank you for the clarification about the status of Kach. I had forgotten about their being outlawed. Barenboim has nerve, we must give him that. Under other circumstances I would have been amused by the picture of Mrs. Barenboim fending off the attackers with veggies, but things are so tense right now.

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