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The new style of magazine


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There was an article in yesterday's (I think) NY Times on "Lucky" magazine and how it functions and looks like a catalog.

I still think the internet is replacing the magazine and the newspapers. Magazine content, sometimes by the time it hits newstands, is "old news", unless it's not regionally geared and even then it's sometimes "old"

There's far too many of them competing for consumer $

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Well, historically, magazines have always been "old news," the point to them being that you could get in-depth coverage of events and culture that you couldn't obtain from a daily. I'm not sure if the death knell is tolling just yet, but we are in a period of transition. Lucky is presented as a catalogue -- it doesn't pretend to be anything else, which is a form of honesty, I guess. Dumenco's point is that the successful young magazines are doing that without actually saying so. And when you look at recent events at New York magazine, the trend toward consumer-oriented coverage seems to be moving from InStyle to titles associated with actual content.

So far, there are things the Internet can't handle. The online magazine Slate, for example, tried in its early days to post lengthy critical and analytical articles of the kind you'd find in The New Republic and The New Yorker. They had to desist, because people going to Slate were looking for a quick fix, and articles like that are hard to read online; you have to print them out, and people don't have the patience.

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Well, I think maybe not in format, but definitely content, the internet is far easier, though somewhat unreliable.

take this site for example, I read reviews here far in advance of any publication and b/c they are "voices" who's criticism I've grown to appreciate and trust, I'd pay for a site like this as opposed to say a printed publication.

(p.s. Alexandra, you don't have to take that literally :)

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