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Altman filming the Joffrey


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I don't have much scuttlebutt, but the Chicago Tribune reports that people are invited to don their rain gear and attend an outdoor performance/film shoot Saturday evening. How do they know it will rain? They will make it rain! and blow! I don't know what the plot is, but it apparently involves typical yucky Chicago weather.

I'd love to go, even though the high for the day will be 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the evening promises to be much cooler. Hm, what a great evening: sitting for three hours in a cold, wet blow and watching ballet. Unfortunately, I am taking the kids to Riverdance. My husband, who does not have a Riverdance ticket, says maybe he'll go watch the Joffrey in "Puddledance".

Here's the link to the Trib's story:

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