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Suggestions for "Giselle" on video or DVD

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You want to buy one, I assume--

Fracci and Bruhn for wonderful dancing but irritating camera work.

I also like the Baryshnikov/Makarova/Van Hamel...but I think the LaScala production with Ferri is beautiful (but then, I love Ferri) and the score isn't as chopped up as the ABT ones....

I have Alonso, Makarova, Ferri, Lynn Seymour, Bessmertnova, Fracci, the one with young Malakhov where his hair was still brown (I'm sorry but I don't recall the ballerina), and two more which I can't remember.....that's for complete ones--if you just want a particular excerpt, there are many othersavailable.

I didn't check Amazon's listings.....but don't forget the BA link here!

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